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Kostantinos Spiropoulos – The Versions of the Myth

23/07/2022 – 31/07/2022

Contemporary thinking claims that space is not void. It is connected with the creation of instantly formed “virtual” particles, which fill the void the virtual space, leaving clear traces of their activities, one of which is visual excitation. Ironically, our vision, our means of seeing and getting to know the world, is partially “blind”, as it cannot tell many small particles apart and interprets them as one. Thus, based on our vision, we form a distorted view of the real world of forms as Plato describes it. Because the world is formed by both mater and space. Space however, is a vacuum that bubbles, full of field escalations, a soup of virtual particles constantly coming to life and dying. Space is there. It is dynamic, a developing entity, it is not static nor empty, it is the scrim on which our “visible” world’s shadow theatre is performed. Figures hold leading roles in the theatre of life, the scrim acting as the prerequisite for the play. Painting is the soughtafter, colourful maiden exploring the truth in the play and the roles. Because in the play called life, the subject is very important, but the distribution of roles is ridiculous.


Kostas Spiropoulos was born and grow up in Patras, Greece. Graduate from the Medical School of Athens University. Immediately after he travels in the United States of America and in Europe for several years where he studies in Art (Heron Art Institute) and exposes his Art work in Several Galleries, International art Fairs and Biennales in different countries of Europe and North America. For eight (8) years he teached as an Associate Professor in School of Fine Arts of the Ioannina University, the lesson of Artistic Anatomy and he was the author of the book of Artistic Anatomy printed from the University of Ioannina

His work has been presented in  solo Exhibitions and in group Exhibitions in Greece and abroad as: in Italy (Florence, Piacenza, Verona, Brindisi, Azolo, Palermo), Austria (Innsbruck), Bulgaria (Sofia), U.S.A. (Los Angeles), France (Paris, Louvre Museum), Turkey (Istanbul), Canada (Vancouver), Belgium (Brussels), Czech Republic (Prague, Pilsen), Azerbaijan (Gabala). Also he participated in International Art Fair: in Turkey (Istanbul 2005, 2009), Czech Republic (Prague 2005), Austria (Innsbruck 2009), Greece (Athens 2010), Italy (Florence 2006, Verona 2013, Piacenza 2016), Azerbaijan (Gabala 2015), in France (Paris Louvre Museum 2016), Canada (Vancouver 2016) and in International Biennales: in Czech Republic (Pilsen 2006, 2008), Italy (Azolo 2010, Palermo 2013),Suisse, Latvia e.c.t.

His Art profile is presented from the Italian Academy of Fine Arts in special volume containing the representatives of Contemporary European Paintings, Issued, 2016. For his Art work have mentioned important Greek and foreigners painters and Art Historians as : Fassianos (Painter), Gabriella Hajkova (Art Historian, Director of International Biennale of Pilsen), Chrisanthos Christou (Academic and Professor of Art History), Stelios Lidakis (Professor of Art History), Barbara Angiolini (Historian of Art), Charis Kambouridis (Historian of Art), Salvatore Autovino (Professor of Art History), Paolo Levi (Historian of Art), Athena Schina (Historian of Art), George Pantis (President of School of Fine Arts of Ioannina University), George Katsagellos (Professor in School of Fine Arts of Thessaloniki University), Nikolaos Zias (Professor in History of Art), Roberto Chiavarin (Member of the Italian Academy of Fine Arts), Polixene Veleni (Director of Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki), Aglaia Archontidou (Archaheologist, Director of the Ministry of Culture), Ruhangiz Heydarova (Historian of Art), Antigoni Kapsali (Historian of Art of Katsigras Museum) and Dora Illiopoulou – Rogan (Historian of Art), Georgia Georgopoulou (Archaeologist, Msc Cultural Management), Xenia Kaldara (General Director and President of the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation), John Maronitis (Chairman of UNESCO),Darie Dup (Professor of Fine arts Bucharest University),Cesar Campos (Professor of Fine arts Catholic University of Lima),Zoran Jakimovski Fluk(Professor of Fine arts Republic of Macedonia University, Themis Veleni ( Dr.Art Historian).




L’articolo Kostantinos Spiropoulos – The Versions of the Myth – ENG sembra essere il primo su Museo Francesco Gonzaga.

Kostantinos Spiropoulos – The Versions of the Myth – ENG
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